Some Weekend Thoughts – Happy October

Happy first weekend of October all.  My favorite month of the year (4 birthdays, 1 anniversary, fall colors, Halloween, seasonal market volatility, etc.)

A couple of great posts this morning from Joe Donahue (@upsidetrader) and Keith McCullough (@hedgeye) that sum up the risks and the opportunities that come with a falling dollar.

We traded all week within a 10 point range in the S&P, and it feels as though energy is coiling up for a big move. Given that early-mid October is now upon us, history supports the possibility/probability that a decided move is coming.

I honestly don’t know if/when that will happen, but remain flexible and hedged and ready to take action if things dramatically change.

Have a great weekend. Trade the extremes!


About thefront9

Independent trader with a flexible approach to the markets. Position trading, swing trading and day trading using Futures, Equities and Options. This site is intended to help others (and myself) see what I see and to stay true to the discipline of making trades at the extremes. Contrarian and TastyTrade addict! Living in Texas with my family, helping others and maybe playing some golf from time to time makes life busy and great. Add a little music and humor and that just about sums it up. Trade the extremes and manage risk.....always!
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