Solstice, Puetz Window, Correction – Voila!

I know, I know.  Everyone’s out of town, off for the holidays, snoozing as the markets chop to nowhere.  However, I did want to throw this out there for those looking to the heavens tonight (roughly 3:15 EST).  There will be a lunar eclipse at the same time we hit the Winter Solstice.  Hasn’t happened in 456 years!  Should be cool and should look like this….

More info can be found HERE

To top it all off, there’s also a phenomenon approaching called the Puetz Window, whereby a solar eclipse occurs within about 6 weeks of the lunar eclipse – and a solar eclipse is due January 4th.

Why all the mumbo jumbo?  Researcher Stephen Puetz also studied major market meltdowns and they all came on/around this “Puetz Window”.

Now I’m not a believer in much more than the charts and the price action, but I do pay attention to outside factors that could possibly create a change.  Koreans, European debt, US debt, etc. all have the potential to shake things up, and it always seems like this stuff starts when complacency is high….like the holidays.

Be on guard and hopefully it’s nothing.  But see both sides, please.  Dollar keeps creeping higher, Euro lower and VIX is on it’s lows for the year.  Hmmm…..

Might as well play some Dead while you’re up in the middle of the night too –


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