Silver Creek Falls

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this at the hotel we were at last week…. Silver Creek Falls.  Wow.  It was either confirmation of the move in Silver or it was an omen of bad things to come while on vacation.  Oh the irony.

What was really ironic was that the week was more profitable than if I had sat in front of the screen all week, so that’s maybe a lesson for another time.

Regardless, the cycles are playing out and are seemingly coordinated with global strife.  Folks, you can’t make this up.  Minyanville often asks if technicals work because of fundamentals, or do fundamentals work because of technicals.  It seems they will diverge from time to time, but it sure is looking like they are beginning to synch up now.

As I write this, the Middle East is again about to blow up, some US States (Wisconsin) are beginning to boil, and crude is nearing $100/barrel.  Silver and Gold are now parabolic as the unrest speeds up and there is no better hedge against uncertainty that the metals/commodities.

So, get ready for some historic moves.   This, by the way, is happening before the US Dollar has really begun its expected decline into the lows of this cycle.   I am expecting it to test the November lows at the very least in the coming months, which should coincide with much higher gold and silver prices.

I don’t do recommendations, but I have to think that Silver, if nothing else, should be a part of the plan to protect buying power and a shrinking dollar.  It will end, of course, but there’s much to resolve before moves are made to curb the inflation that Bernanke apparently does not see.

This move may just be getting started.

Trade well and be on the lookout for the extremes at all times.

Look for more of this stuff on the teevee too.  Would be great if they would just play the videos and music – no opinions, just action.


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Independent trader with a flexible approach to the markets. Position trading, swing trading and day trading using Futures, Equities and Options. This site is intended to help others (and myself) see what I see and to stay true to the discipline of making trades at the extremes. Contrarian and TastyTrade addict! Living in Texas with my family, helping others and maybe playing some golf from time to time makes life busy and great. Add a little music and humor and that just about sums it up. Trade the extremes and manage risk.....always!
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